Create Star Trek Phaser By Your Own

If you have ever wanted to create your one Star Trek Phaser, you can make a good use of Jayrob’s DIY guide on how to make one for yourself! Creating a Star Trek Phaser is not a dream anymore, and the phaser can even blow a balloon up!

12x Star Trek Phaser Gun Mod

Check out the following video for more detail:

I used a momentary button switch so I could use the stock trigger button. This gives it kind of a ‘hair trigger’. (but I like it) So that’s why I decided to put a safety switch on this one…

12x Star Trek Phaser Gun Mod - Internal view

The 12x Star Trek Phaser is using 1994 Classic Star Trek Phaser (Playmates brand, stock #6118) with one modified laser beam. The author of the DIY guide Jayrob recommend you to protect your eyes properly (such as wearing a protection glasses) before building the phaser gun by yourself.


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