Hydrogen Fuelled R/C Kit Car – Teach Your Kids To Go Green

Check out this prototype R/C car built with eco-minded modder. Called as the Hydrogren Fuelled R/C Kit Car, this toy is going to be a real eco-friendly toy in the future when it has come out of its beta stage thanks to the Hydrogen-Powered technology.

Hydrogen Fuelled R/C Kit Car

The remote control car was built from a Tamiya car and the chassis was built from a combination between TRF 416 carbon fiber chassis, aluminum and titanium. There is one equipment called HudroSTIks that will carry up to 15Wh of energy and functioning as weight distribution. The Hydrogen fuel is stored into a dual-low pressure canisters consist of solid metal hydride matrix to covered hydrogen into an usable energy.

No pricing available yet since it’s still a prototype, but man, this is another cool Hydrogen-Powered ECO R/C car that even adults will love to get one. Check out the following video for the actions:

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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