Black Pearl Watch by HD3 Complication: Worth $400,000!

What do you think a $400,000 watch looks like? Studded with pink diamond? Fully constructed with Platinum or 24K pure gold? Well, no you won’t find it in this watch made by HD3 Complication. This watch which as been entitled as the ‘Black Pearl Watch’ have no such glamors dress-up. It has much similarity with Crystal Earth Pustule Watch where you can see the inner part of the watch via a transparent interface and it has been dressed like a pirate with skull head and cross bones.

Black Pearl Watch by HD3 Complication

Black Pearl Watch by HD3 Complication - Zoomed

Black Pearl Watch by HD3 Complication - Rear View

The design coming straight from the world of pirates, the Black Pearl watch lets you see all of the inner mechanism, featuring a hatch on the 9 o’clock side of the case that looks like a cannon hatch of the nautical age of former times. The wheel in the middle that looks like a ship’s engine control shows the minutes, while the vertically positioned numbers on the left side tells you the exact hour to sail happily into the blue.

There is only 11 of them made available, and each of them will cost a real fortune at $400,000. Oh I can buy a luxurious house with it! And if you are a rich girl, you might want to get this as a present for your poor boyfriend so he can get rich over night. :)

[BornRich via GeekyGadgets]

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  • Ralph

    That is One Hell of Watch!

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