DELL Froot Biodegradable Computer Concept

Dell Froot? Not a Frog, it’s a Biodegradable computer concept introduced for Dell’s future desktop computer. This concept is just too clever and most likely you’d get such a PC soon because the technologies to create this computer system have already existed.

I’ve never imagine about the fusion between a virtual laser keyboard, mini-sized PC and pico projector would result into one futuristic, desktop saving computer system. Dell Froot is not only future-oriented, it’s also environment friendly thanks to the biodegradable material in the chassis.

However, there is also a drawback for such a technology when it has been invented. Such as, typing on a non-tactile surface / hard surface is not as fun as typing with a keyboard with responses. It will feel like something has missed and you’ll need time to fully adapted to the new environment. Also, a projected screen means it has some sort of range to allow the projection to be clearly seen by the user. Also, if you projector lamp is not strong enough, this Dell Froot Biodegradable Computer might be a money-waster when getting a lamp replacement come into the calculation.

However, this concept is purely brilliant. Exactly a device that sci-fi fans would love to get one. But concept remain as concept, no idea when it will be manufactured and whether Dell will approve the concept.

[via Design Launches]

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