Laptop Case with Gadgets Organizer for Gadget-a-holic

Being a gadget-a-holic is not easy. There are bunch of gadgets that need to take care of at the same time and sometimes it will be a pain when doing long travel. If you are one of the gadget-a-holic, you might need something like this laptop case to hold most of your gadgets instead of stuffing it into your luggage or non-organize travel bags.

This laptop case can virtually help you bring most of your gadgets (including one laptop, of course) and you can also organize it neatly using the rubber bands. The laptop case is made with neoprene material, and a removable laptop case (capable of holding 15-inch laptop). If you are interested with this multi-purpose laptop case, you can get it for $130 at Frontgate.

[Redferret via Gadget Venue]

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