Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controller for PC Gamers

Most likely, PC gamers that haven’t got their own Wii console might envy with the games that uses motion tracking gaming controller to play games. Well, Razer might have spotted this dilemma, so they have created a similar device called “Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controller’ which is exlusively made for PC. It will works like a Wiimote, and Razer claimed it’s more accurate down to the millimeter effective responses.

Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controller for PCs

The shape of Razer Sixense motion gaming controller is also pretty promising. It has a slim profile, both hands will get the exact same control design, and kinda ‘easy’ and wireless between two controller (unlike the Wiimote and Nunchuk).

Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controller demo

Razer Sixense Motion Gaming controller will start selling later in this year, however, we have no pricing detail and the exact availability date yet.

[via Pocket Lint]

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