Triple USB Foot Switch: Let Your Foot Do The Work, Too!

Presented by USB Brando, This Triple Foot Switch is a unique controlling device that will help you switching between attached device or do actions on your pc easier with the help of your usable foot. Most of the time, when you are trying to switch devices or do actions. you’ll need your hand to do it. Leaving the foot rested like a rich kids enjoying their life. With this Triple Foot Switch, your foot is now getting a job, too!

Triple USB Foot Switch Gadgets

The USB Triple Foot Switch provides a more comfortable and convenient way to control the computer by foot. The pedals can be pre-programmed unique key or multiple keys by the bundle software. You can also connect more foot pedal to a computer for different key combinations.

# Pre-program key functions on the foot pedal by software
# Uses the OS built in HID drivers, no driver require
# Support multiple foot switch
# Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
# Dimension: 370 x 100 x 54mm (approx.)
# Weight: 550g

This Triple USB Foot Switch is yours for only $45 at

[via Foolish Gadgets]

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