Misa Digital Guitar: First Linux-Powered Digital Guitar

You might have heard or seen the Air Guitar that uses digitalize string to play melodies. But Misa Digital Guitar is more than just an Air Guitar. Beside it has a string-less design, Misa Digital Guitar is simply the coolest digital guitar of the era.

Made by a clever guy in Sydney, Australia, this Misa Digital guitar has a wide touchscreen area where it can hold your hand with full fingers stretched. The creator is aiming for a simple and effective instrument where it could provide a minimalistic guitar interface while it still can let user feel like playing a string guitar.

Misa Digital Guitar will help newbie learn guitar with less pain on their fingers (or the pain is actually lifted) thanks to the string-less design. And the most surprising fact for this Misa Digital Guitar is the Linux-Powered (linux Gentoo 2.6.31) and a MIDI controller.

The only downside that you might found is the Misa digital guitar will rely badly on a dedicated MIDI compatible sound module. Without the sound module, no sound would be created.

Watch the following video for more detail:

If you are interested, you can find more about the Misa Digital at their Official site.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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