Hamster Shredder: A Fun Paper Shredder Machine

What will happen when a paper shredder got mixed with Hamster’s cage? Well, that is the birth of the Hamster Shredder that looks so fun and useful!

The hamster shredder is designed by Tom Ballhatchet, he is probably so much a Hamster fan that he designed this cage that come complete with a shredder machine equipped at the upper part of the hamster steel cage.

Just like what the nature call, Hamster is especially love to play with small size papers like the shredded document papers. Thus, inspired the designer to fuse the two equipment up resulting in one useful and fun to use office equipment.

At the top side the Tom has provided two holes for food and water supplies for your pet. However, there are some downside that might make you consider twice before owning one. First, if you have lots of document to destroy with the shredder machine, I’m afraid the cage will be the grave of your pet instead of a place where it can live happily. Second, since it’s a shredder machine, the noises might send your pet into the berserk mode whenever you want to shred something. Poor hamster…

(And don’t worry with the two holes. Your hamster won’t be able to escape unless they are G.I. Force…)

Also checkout the automatic portable paper shredder bridge if you don’t want to hire a hamster to do the job.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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