Lockheed Martin and IronKey Unveils Virtual Privacy Machine Flash Drive System

Lockheed-Martin and IronKey teamed up and they have just created a super marvel hero-like technology called VPM or Viertual Privacy Machine into IronKey flash drive.

Lockheed-Martin IronKey VPM Flash Drive

This flash drive will runs solely in your PC / Laptop RAM and it can be used with any networks on the host computer. The VPM technology allow user to manage the drive remotely and can be completely cleaned and shutdown from the central computer leaving no trace at all on the server log.

This is such a nice add-up to the existing self-destruct feature on IronKey. Plus the 256-bit software encrypted, Lockheed-Martin has just turned the most secure IronKey flash drive into the next level where it could give benefits to network admins.

The VPM IronKey flash drive will be available on a minimum size of 8GB, however we have no pricing information yet.

[via Everything USB]

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