Boogie Board LCD Tablet – No Power Required!

Chalk and blackboard is no more a trend for nowadays learning tools. In the future, more and more people will go on with a LCD Tablet with wide writing area such as this Boogie Board to keep environment clean and stay healthy from inhaling the chalk dusts.

Boogie Board LCD Tablet is the latest creation by Kent Displays, where the LCD tablet has a Reflex LCD and the surface is made of flexible plastic with certain degree of impact resistant. The magic of the Boogie Board LCD Tablet is the feature of power-less or it requires no power to activated the screen so you can write something on the surface.

Boogie Board LCD Tablet

Boogie Board would be suitable for those who love to draw sketches where often they’ll need a lot of trial and errors before getting on their final result. It will usually end up with lots of papers discarded, and using Boogie Board LCD Tablet will help users save papers and save the Earth. According to our source, Boogie Board LCD Tablet can endure about 50,000 erases where it should be enough to let you save tons of papers.

You can find the detail at Amazon. Unfortunately, the boogie board is currently out of stock. There is no word when it will be re-stock again but the official site told us to subscribe to their twitter so we’ll know when it has be come available.

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