TMT Tactical Wallet – Extra Treasure Protection For Everyone

Looking for an ultimate wallet which is ten times better than you? Well, Let us introduce you to the TMT Tactical Wallet. In the mind of Technabob, this wallet is assumed to be 10x useful then himself. Oh I know it’s hyping, but this TMT Tactical Wallet is certainly something that will worth the praise.


TMT Tactical Wallet has been fully weapon-ized with compass, tweezer, a toothpick, pen, glass breaker, 2 hidden compartments and a spaciou space to store your money (Well, it’s a wallet actually… But it’s a Swiss Army Knife’s Style wallet!).



Made by North Carolina-based Toner Machining Technologies, this XXXXL cousin of Swiss army knives measures 4.0 x 3.57 x 1.150-inches and weighs a whopping 7 oz. when empty. It’s made of “CNC machined solid billet 6061-T6 (tempered) hard coat anodized Aluminum”. Trust me on this, I’m a blogger: the more words it takes to describe a material, the tougher it is.


The Tactical Wallet is lined with O-ring seals “to keep water, dirt and dust from entering the interior.” TMT also claims that the Tactical Wallet provides the “ultimate in credit card information protection by actually blocking your personal information from the theft of RFID type scanning devices.”

Ultimate Wallet… Really. I’ve never seen one with so many “weapons” stuffed inside. Even better than the previous i-Wallet that could set-off alarm when it’s far away from you.

However, anything always has its own pros and cons, good and bad. If you love to have one of this wallet to store your money, you’ll to ‘forcefully’ accept its ‘Thickness’ that I consider ‘Bulky’. For $125, you can get one. More detail on the wallet, please read Technabob’s post.

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