iPhone Hacker, Is Also The PlayStation 3 Hacker!

There is nothing as hackproof in this modern era, as the PlayStation 3 system that proofed to be unhackable has been HACKED! Well, sorry for shouting. I’m not sure if this is a good news or bad news. But for the third world, hacked PlayStation 3 means they can start getting new games on an extreme cheap state.

Here is the image of the cool US hacker, George Hotz, who previously has successfully hacked an iPhone (1G). And the most amazing thing about him: Spending 5 weeks to successfully hacking the PS3!

It’s been about 3 years of time the PS3 remains unhacked. But George Hotz spent 5 weeks to hack it. The Hacked PS3 will be able to read any type of disc that you throw in, and allow pirated games to be played smoothly. Hotz claimed that he use about 5% hardware and 95% software tool to inject an insecurity and then crush the protection.

Hotz has also “opening up the platform” and claimed it will enable users of newer versions like the PS3 Slim to play older PlayStation 2 titles. Sony has been nudged and their tech team responded: “we are investigating the report and will clarify the situation once we have more information.”

I wonder if Sony would come up with an effective move to prevent this matter…

[via TrustedReview]

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  • Hotz is not his REAL name! The hack is not reproducible on any sort of large scale at this point. He will sell his hack to Sony for tons of money. He looks like a real geek… not cool.

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