80-Ports USB Hub is the True USB Hub for Port-Junkie

Someone has finally given a challenge to the existing Cambrionix 49-port USB hub which known as the first USB hub with a lot of ports. The challenger is from Thanko, a Japanese company who has brought upon their ultimate USB hub with up to 80-ports!

Thanko 80-Port USB Hub

Surprising, I like the lady’s expression. Massive 80 gadgets could be plugged into this monstrous USB Hub. I guess the Port-junkie can now fulfill their thirst of port and they can stuffed anything they want without worrying of lacking of ports.

Thanko 80-ports USB Hub in Action

However, the massive downside of this 80-port USB Hub is you won’t be able to hook up with your PC. It’s true that this challenger provides a massive amount of ports, but lacking in the connectivity to PC is a big fail no matter what. However, you can use Thanko 80-port USB hub to charge 80 USB gadgets or cell phones at the same time. Pretty useful actually, but the price of $165 will make me think twice before getting one.

[Thanko via Engadget]

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  • There is no doubt that thats a lot of ports and its a shame there is no USB connectivity (its a bit misleading for them to call this a ‘ USB hub’!).
    If there are 80 connected devices all drawing a standard 500mA charge current then the whole unit will require 40Amps @5V to power all of those devices. There is no mention of the power supply required to fulfil this requirement – is one included?

    • I think so. Hit the link to the translated page at Thanko.jp and you can see a dedicated power supply is available for this USB ‘Hub’ (or should I name it USB Charger instead?). Each port cost 80mA only and the power supply total output power is 14A. I guess we should be able to use all of the 80 ports altogether!

      Thanks for commenting, Steven. :)

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