Dell Announces Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop Pricing

Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop

You might still have an image about Alienware M11x gaming laptop that was first show-off in CES 2010. Now, Dell has also revealed the pricing and it will be available directly on Alienware site soon enough. As a refresh, Alienware M11x gaming laptop has a small chassis design or what we usually call as the ultra portable laptop design.

The laptop is carrying one 11.6-inch display that could display HD video in 720p format and a set of CPU, RAM and graphic card that allow gamers to play Crysis at 50fps and Call of Duty 30fps in high setting. The default setting of Alienware M11x gaming laptop will cost you $799, very cheap and best for portable gamers.

[Alienware via Electronista]

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