SoundGraph FingerVU Touchscreen USB Monitors

For those who want an alternative of Mimo 7-inch LCD screen, here is a SoundGraph FingerVU touchscreen USB Monitor.

SoundGraph FingerVU Touchcreen USB Monitors

This monitor is another gadget that could be a nice addons for your desktop and when you think one display is not enough to fit your multitasking projects. SoundGraph FingerVU Touchscreen USB Monitor has two model made available, 4.3-inch and 7-inch, and the most impressive feature is the touchscreen functionality (Mimo don’t have this feature).

Comparing to most of secondary monitors in the market controlled by mouse and keyboard and users easily loose the focus of work when controls of tasks are moving between main and secondary monitors; FingerVU an auxiliary monitor with touch screen can work independently from main monitor and SoundGraph Inc. has developed the technology of touch control independently from the main monitor. Through FingerVU, users can play media files as like music, video, photo, YouTube as well as check world weather, world time, and memo taking, which can work just like a PC.

Extra monitor will make your workspace wider. You can stuff your chatting windows into the screen, or if you are an avid social networker, you can use it to display your twitter status, check out digg news, reading rss, or updating facebook.

The pricing for the 4.3 inch and 7 inch Soundgraph FingerUV Touchscreen USB monitor is $129 and $179, respectively.

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