The Intel Pine Trail is Not Faster than Atom CPU

You might have heard about Intel’s Pine Trail CPU and some people said that the CPU is practically faster than Atom first generation. Well, it seems this fact is not true at all. According to AnandTech, the Intel’s latest Pine Trail CPU is still undergoing the same FSB interface before it can hook up with the IMC. So it’s not true at all if someone is trying to sell you a netbook stating that Intel Pine Trail is the faster CPU in comparison to Atom based netbook.



There’s still a FSB interface between the CPU core and the memory controller. It’s all on die, but the Pineview CPU core still needs to go through the FSB unit before it can touch the IMC. That’s why the latency didn’t improve much, if at all. There are some improvements that do allow for better performance, but not what you’d expect from a redesigned, integrated memory controller.

Why would Intel do this? It saves time and thus money. Pineview literally uses the same Bonnell core as Diamondville but placed next to an on-die memory controller. A tightly integrated memory controller would require a redesigned version of the Bonnell core, something Intel wasn’t willing to commit to at this point.

For more details about this fact, you can find it out at AnandTech article. It sounds like I’ve been fooled by our local seller, but at least the article can help you figure out the fact and why Pine Trail is not much faster than the first Atom.

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