Delight UrHeart Huggable Glowing Heart-Shaped Pillow With Thousands of Roses

Here is a suitable gift idea for your beloved one, and it’s pretty romantic and warm-heart. Being decorated with thousands of fabric roses, this d°light UrHeart is a heart-shaped pillow that will glows in a warm red/pink color. It’s a great Valentine gift designed by a romantic girl, Diana Lin.

Valentine Gift Idea - Delight UrHeart Glowing Pillow with Thousand Roses

Our new heart-shaped d°light huggable, d°light UrHeart is just what you need this Valentines! It is a huggable heart-shaped light with a thousand roses; a perfect gift for your special someone. Imagine a dimly lit room with candlelight dinner setting on the table, your loved one sitting beside it, and you walking in, holding the d°light UrHeart … imagine the face light up with joy!

This is Diana Lin Design’s special Valentines’ edition d°light UrHeart. Are you looking for the Valentine’s gift that will WOW your special someone? Have you considered a gift that can be held such as a teddy bear or a classic gift of roses? Valentine’s day is about showing your special someone just how special she/he is. What better way to do it than by presenting them with a very unique gift!

So WHO will you d°light?

-provides a soft ambient lighting to any room in the house: Living room, study room or bedside table. It’s an ideal night light or the perfect conversational piece.

-works the best in a candle light environment and can be complimented by candle light dinner.

At first, this d°light UrHeart (Delight Your Heart) is a concept only. However, thanks to YankoDesign, they have brought this warm-heart pillow to their store which you can find it at Yanko Store. The gift will cost you a whopping $179, it’s expensive, but in exchange of the smiles and deeper love from your couple, I think the price’s pay off!

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