Heat Changing Arcade Mugs – Battle Commences When Poured With Hot Liquid

An interesting mug has been created from the Thinkgeek lab. The idea is pretty similar to the On/Off Mug from Wishing Fish. The mug will turns its color when hot liquid poured into the mug. However, this Thinkgeek version is just too geek. You will immediately see a space intruders battle or Pac-man rush for the yellow dot static image when you pour your hot beverage to the mug! Smart! :)

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

Way Smarter Than Your Mug

Take a look at your current mug. Yes, it may or may not contain coffee, but that is probably its most exciting feature… which is frankly pretty darn dull. The Heat Changing Arcade Mugs know if they contain hot coffee and are able to display it graphically… which obviously kicks your mug’s butt as it just sits there doing nothing.
hot mug!

Normally the Pac Boy mug displays an empty maze and the Space Intruders mug displays a blank starry sky. But add some kind of hot beverage and instantly the Pac Boy maze is filled with 8-bit style ghosts and energizers while the Space Intruders shows a retro invaders style battle in action.

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs Space Intruders and Pac-Man Series

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs Demo

Care to get one? These cool heat changing arcade mug is only $7.99 and it’s now available at Thinkgeek. You can actually consider it as a Valentine gift if your soul mate is a geeky type.

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