Sega Launches Sega Zone Gaming Console

Sega has come up with a new gaming console entitled as the ‘Sega Zone’. Sega Zone has the similar look of Wii, and it even has come with a wireless motion controller similar to Razer Sixense Motion game controller.

Sega Zone Game Console

Sega Zone Classic Games

Sega Zone Motion Game Controller

The Sega Zone Game Console will come with twenty classic Sega games + 30 other titles such as Golden Exe, Sonic and Knuckles, Ecoo the Dolphin and so on. Sega Zone console will be available in the UK on this Summer with a price tag of £50 (about $80) with 50 games included. It’s cheap, but I wonder how is the quality of the games. Will Sega Zone survive the strict competition in the game market? Well, let’s just wish Sega a good luck and hope they won’t repeat the Dreamcast tragedy.

[via Pocket Lint]

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