TDK TH-WR700 Wireless Headphones for iPhone and iPod

Audiophiles with iPhone or iPod in their palm might want to add this headphones to their shopping list because it’s pretty cool and cordless. Most of the time, being a wireless headphone for iPhone or iPod will trigger the need to hook up the two device via bluetooth. However, using this TDK TH-WR700 Wireless Headphone requires no such thing. The TDK TH-WR700 wireless headphone has its own wireless system called Kleer technology, where it can transmit sounds via the wireless dongle plugged in your iPhone audio jack to the headphone.

TDK TH-WR700 Wireless Headphone

This is such a rare product that can free your phone from the bluetooth technology for wireless audio entertainment. This also means that you can use this TDK TH-WR700 wireless headphone on a cell phones or audio player with audio jack. The Kleer Technology also claimed to be able to provide a better sound quality than the bluetooth version. TDK TH-WR700 Wireless headphone is going to hit the Japan market on March 2010 carrying the price tag of $200. Okay, that price might be too expensive for just a wireless headphone…

[via TFTS]

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