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JooJoo Tablet To Ship on This Month

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I’m sure you’ve heard about JooJoo tablet created by TechCrunch’s former partner Fusion Garage. JooJoo was formerly known as the Crunchpad, a tablet PC specialized in offering the convenient of mobile web browsing. Recently after the huge buzz from Apple iPad tablet PC, JooJoo has also getting a news update about the availability.

JooJoo Tablet To Ship on This Month

According to SlashGear, JooJoo Tablet is going to be available on this Month (February 2010) for the exact same pricing as Apple iPad at $499. However, JooJoo has the advantages of a larger screen size at 12-inch (Apple iPad: 9.7-inch only), and practically to have a bigger ‘App Store’ than Apple because JooJoo can access to the full Internet contents.

JooJoo Tablet To Ship on This Month Detail

JooJoo Tablet To Ship on This Month Demo

Detail of the Press Release available at SlashGear and you can find the Video Hands on at Gizmodo.

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