Prepeat Printer: The Inkless Printer Can Both Print and Erase Documents

Prepeat Printer is certainly a great printer that could help us save more money and environment by using less papers for print our document. Often, a printed document needs to be revise before getting the finally result although we have use Word processor to filter mistakes. So when this happen, we have to discard or shred the document and print another new one. With Prepeat Printer, you will put you paper shredder on a long vacation because there is no need to destroy a paper anymore.

Prepeat Printer - Inkless Printer can print and erase documents

Prepeat Printer is an Inkless Printer that can both print stuff on paper, and if you dislike the result you can erase them and re-print on the same paper. You won’t find any ink or toner cartridges inside this Prepeat Printer. So, what is the technology that allow Prepeat Printer to write and erase a document? To be specific, Prepeat Printer has the similar technology as Facsimile printer. It uses special thermal head and a plastic sheets to print and erase document.

This special paper can be use up to 1,000 times before it wore up. However, the only downside for this media is the price. To get 1,000 sheets of this special paper required $3,300 to be pay upfront. Of course, the Prepeat printer is not a cheap stuff either. You’ll have to pay $5,517 to get one. However, I believe the technology will drop in price when it’s getting older.

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