Eco Concept: Turbine Light for Highways

The endless innovative concept design has once again knocking on the door of the eco-concept for the better future environment. Designed by a highly earth caring and creative people, this Turbine Light Concept promises to light up the highways just by using the winds created by the high-speed vehicles crossing the highways. The winds will move the turbine which has designed to capture winds and turn them into a usable energy enough to power up the light above the turbine.

This might sounds fresh because no one yet to use Turbine as the energy leverage. There is one downside though. Highways are not always crowded with fast-moving vehicles. So the turbine light might goes off eventually. Unless the designer found a way to integrated more technology into these Turbine Lights, such as adding battery for storing the unused energy or getting on a solar panels install on the entire surface, this design is probably gonna fail.

However, it’s a good start to create a better lighting system for the highways. It’s always a great alternative if we can free from relying on government generated electricity.

[via Inhabitat]

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