LA robe iPad Allure Apple iPad Case is Funky and Colorful

Apple iPad is getting a huge attention before its release date. This has been expressed with the company who act on releasing equipments and accessories far ahead of the launching day. The latest accessories is the iPad case called ‘LA Robe iPad Allure’, a case that has some funky strip design and colorful for some model.

LA Robe iPad Allure Apple iPad Case

Apple iPad LA robe iPad Allure Apple iPad Case is made by folks at be.ez, and they have made 4 models available. You can choose from Moca, Black Red and multi-colored iPad case for just about $29.95 a pop. inside the case has been foamed properly and it will be an extra protection for your upcoming new gadget – the Apple iPad.

[Be.ez via 2Day, TechFresh]

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