Make Your Own iPad with iPaperPad, with Papers!

Do you want an Apple iPad so badly? Well, now you can make one for yourself before its release – from paper! :)

Make Your Own iPad with iPaperPad - DIY

Well, it’s just a toy actually. A printed images where you can fold it up to a shape of an iPad. The size is not the actual dimension of iPad, it’s about 84% of the real one. The template was designed by Jess Silverstone from Revolutionary Concepts and if you are interested, you can download the files (links below) and print it out for yourself using a borderless printer and 2 pieces of A4 papers. After printing, you can cut the images according to the lines and curves and then fold it properly.

Make Your Own iPad with iPaperPad - Images Sample

PNG image files for iPaperPad – build your own iPad project:

[Mac Rumors via Gizmodo]

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  • It might seem a bit silly but it would be brilliant to give to a little one to make them feel grown up!

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