TI WiLink 7.0: Stuffed WiFi-N, FM, GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 in Single Chip

TI WiLink 7.0 is another multi-purpose device that has virtually squeezed the current latest wireless technologies into a single chip. This chip will allow manufacturer to save more space in cell phone electronic board and allow more upcoming mobile phone features to be added.

TI WiLink 7 Solution Packs Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi-N, FM, and GPS into single chip

TI WiLink 7.0 Chipset is practically 50% smaller than the current chipsets (from other brand) that offers similar functionality. Beside it is smaller, it also use 30% less power. This could be resulting in a longer battery life for the mobile phone, and it should have a better wireless connection option for the upcoming cell phone with TI WiLink 7.0 chipset implemented.

[via SlashGear]

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