Jigsaw Puzzle Pizza Edition

Here is something bizarre for pizza fans. You can know play on your favorite pizza because it has turned into a Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces!

Pizza Puzzle

yourself to a night in and get stuck into a tasty Pizza Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle. This frustratingly impossible jigsaw puzzle will help satisfy your hunger for takeaways without ruining your appetite, so not only will you give your brain a work out, but your body will benefit too !

Low in calories, high in amusement, our Pizza Take Away Puzzle is the perfect partner to a night in on a the sofa. Soduku and crosswords beware…there’s a new in puzzle town!

Interested? This Jigsaw Puzzle Pizza is available for $12.30 at SpinningHat.

[via Foolish Gadgets, UberReview]

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