Bioserie: First iPhone Case Made from Plants

Bioserie iPhone Case made from Bioplastic

The idea for creating another iPhone case has lead to the green-sector. Most of the currently available cases are most of them made of silicone and useless material that could harm environment, however, this Bioserie green iPhone case blows a gulf of green winds to iPhone user to love to live a green-life. Soon enough we will be able to use case built from natural materials with zero impact to the environment.

Bioserie is an iPhone case that built with natural biological meterial, or we should call it ‘bioplastic case’ because it was made of real plants without any hazardous material added.

Bioserie iPhone Case made from Bioplastic

The case itself even has the nature taste with leave-like line pattern. Green color is not the only color. You can also find other colors such as red, orange or white. It will be available soon as the store will be opened at the end of February 2010.

[BioSerie via ChipChick]

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