Nintendo DSi XL to Hit US on March 2010

If you remember, Nintendo DSi XL (or DSi LL) was introduced in Japan last year on October. Now, Nintendo DSi has got an official release date in the US market and it’s going to be on March 2010.

Apparently, Nintendo DSi XL is about 93% larger than DSi, provides a crisp and slightly brighter screen. In this version, however, has a glossy top lid that might lead into a fingerprint-friendly interface. Unlike the DSi matte lid that won’t catch any fingerprint at all. Beside the screen is larger, everything stays the same. The buttons, camera, the lid flipping mechanism, but the stylus is a little bit longer than its predecessor.

Guys over at Engadget has had the chance the play around with this DSi XL, so here is the full video review taken from Engadget:


[via DeviceMAG]

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