Seagate to Ships 2TB 6GB/s Enterprise HDD Edition


Seagate 2TB 6GB/s hard drive is going to make its landing soon on the enterprise market. Seagate HDD has been known as the most reliable HDD in the market and this latest massive 2TB is going to hit customer in the company level before flowing down to the consumer level. Seagate 2TB HDD promises a high speeds data transfer thanks to the 6GB/s SAS interface, and this type of hard drive is exceptional good for servers or any other hardware environment that require reliability and good performance HDD.

Seagate 2TB SAS HDD is still using 7,200 RPM spindle speed, but it has been backed by PowerChoice optimized power and cooling technology, and a government-grade security option as well. Up to date, there is no words when it will be available and the price list is not released yet.

[via HotHardware]

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