Samsung Releasing Skype Enabled HDTVs

Very soon enough, we will be able to talk to our friends in person through our HDTV thanks to the latest teamed-up between Samsung and Skype to offer a Skype Enabled HDTV.


This HDTV model will deliver a web chat 2.0, bringing video chat from the PC screen into the living room where all family members can conveniently sit on the sofa talking to their friends around the world using Samsung Skype Enabled HDTVs.

The Skype Enabled HDTV will be available starting on the LED 7000 and LED 8000 Samsung LED series, where you can log in to your Skype account similar to your PC with remote control as the input device. However, the only drawback is you’ve to get a separated compatible web camera, which we thought it would be better if Samsung can integrate one high-quality webcam directly into the HDTV.

[via Skype]

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