Shuttle XS35 PC is Just 3.3cm Thick

Shuttle PC is well-known of their mini form factor PC stuffed with brilliantly high specification. Up to date, they’ve set some milestone that when people are searching for small size PC, Shuttle Barebone PC would come in mind.

Now, after awhile tempering with their barebone, Shuttle is now announcing another new small form factor PC that is way smaller than all of its predecessors – The Shuttle XS35 PC!


Shuttle XS35 PC will be shown off at the CeBIT 2010 exhibition which will be held on the next month. Shuttle XS35 PC will be carrying the specs of 1.6GHz Intel Atom D510 CPU, NVIDIA GT218 graphic chipset (NVIDIA ION Graphics), NM10 Express chipset embeded, and it boost the capability of playing back HD video in the manner of just 3.3cm thick!

Although it’s a smallest form factor, Shuttle XS35 PC still have got a bunch of features that you can enjoy. You can find 5 USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI output port, VGA out, Gigabit Ethernet, Memory card reader, and they still find a way to stuffed-in a 2.5-inch HDD and one optical drive. Impressive, right? Until today, there is no detail yet on pricing and availability. I guess the detail would be shown off after CeBIT exhibition.

[Slash Gear via Device Mag]

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