Klipsch Black / White Image S4i and S4 Earbuds

Klipsch has made their new Black / White Image S4i and S4 Earbuds available at Vann’s store for a pre-order at $79 only. The Klipsch Image S4 known as the highly affordable in-ear headphone that could deliver a great audio experience and unequaled comfortability. Klipsch is known as the manufacturer that creates a high quality products at a fraction of cost, and it’s way lower than Bose’s product.


This Image S4i and S4 earphones are very cool looking, has noise isolation, musical accuracy and provides a bass sound effect out of its small drivers. It’s very suitable for Apple iPhone, and it would likely to make the original iPhone earbuds into its retirement because Klipsch Image S4 has a much better design and sound quality.


Klipsch Black / White Image S4 earbuds also comes with a playback control, where the middle button is having four main functions: One click to Play or pause, double click to advance to the next songs, triple click to go to the previous songs, and ‘push and hold’ to activate the voice controller.


[via Vann]

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