Magic Flute LoudSpeakers

Magic Flute loudspeakers are one of the high-end audio equipment that has a unique design that set most of the loudspeakers available in the market a boring audio equipment. Magic flute loudspeaker features four-level of drivers, where each could produce a terrific sound quality and the magic flute loudspeaker is optimized to produce extremely accurate fluctuations in the air, resulting in a smooth, clear and comforting audio entertainment.


The Magic Flute is the result after many years of acoustic study and engineering calculations. It represents the ultimate sound quality combined with a unique loudspeaker design.

The special “infinite” design of the fibre carbon made cabinets are acoustical optimized and make it possible to produce extremely accurate fluctuations in air pressure making.

The Magic Flute is the essential final speaker system, it will reproduce the music signal into its original form, a physically true sound wave. The Magic Flute is a “true” loudspeaker that creates a lovely listening experience. Smooth, clear and roomy music reproduction will position you directly in a live music experience.


You can find the technical description if you are interested on this unique loudspeaker that wouldn’t make your room a boring place to stay.

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  • Audio mad

    I love these speakers, I listen to them in UK and the sound and the look are great,,,, most have!

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