The Mini TV and Mini Floppy Pillow For Sleepy Geeks

Often as a geek, we would like to get something unique and has the ‘geek’ taste as our furniture or bedding equipment. There are some of the geeky pillows that we have covered some time ago, such as the Adobe Suite Pillows that looks comfy and logo-centric.

Now, we have found more squishy pillows that might bring back old memories because the pillow is shaped like a Floppy disk and mini TV from the old age.




This mini floppy disc pillow and mini TV pillow is very cute, drawn with a smiling cartoon face and both are 100% cotton and 100% fiberfill. they are only $18 a pop, if you would like to get one for your sleepy head, go ahead to shanalogic or this link to check on the stock (at the time of this post published, the Mini Floppy Disc Pillow has been sold out!).

[CraziestGadgets via FoolishGadgets]

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