‘Bitosan Ke’ The Long Nose Hair Toy by TOMY

Do ‘Bitosan Ke’ sounds weird to you? Well, of course. It’s a Japanese toy name made by TOMY. Creative people sometimes will create a weird stuffs. This little toy has the shape of a big nose people with a few strands of hair sticking on the bald head and nose holes. What’s cute on this Bitosan Ke is their nose hair. The hairs are made of static carbon fiber, when touched with your finger, Bitosan Ke by TOMY will response with some funny Japanese conversations.


The problem here is, no one will know what they are talking about unless you are fluent in Japanese. But by a wild guessing, they should be complaining about their hairs being played with.


Well, they are more on the weirdness instead of cuteness. Each character has its own attitude and they will comments with different sentences once their hairs are played. If you consider them as a cute stuff and willing to pay for $10 a pop, you can find out more at Plusd.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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