INNESENTI Tricycle: Riding Bike In The Reverse Manner


INNESENTI Tricycle is the wildest Tricycle I’ve ever seen and what has been blogged here at HardwareSphere. While it promises the capability to maximize your heart rate, burn calories, and keep you in the utmost shape, I’m still looking at the painful neck after riding this tricycle for a long hour…



From the position of half lay down and half getting up, the INNESENTI Tricycle might put a huge burden to the shoulder and feet muscle. However, your backbone will be able to rest like a baby on the comfortable cushioned chair. What’s a problem for me is that the neck should stay stiff and alert upon the frontal view.



It looks uncomfortable at the first sight, but the company is giving an extra service of adjusting and customizing the tricycle for each of their new customer when ordering the INNESENTI Tricycle. So, every user will get their own comfortable adjustment and will be able to ride on it just fine.

INNESENTI Tricycle is obviously not a cheap stuff to buy, unless you are bornrich or something, you will just want to see the riches riding them on the park for their leisure time.

The reason for the tricycle to be priced at an extreme level is because of the material used by the manufacturer, and the fact that the INNESENTI tricycle is built with Formula 1 racing and Indy Car racing technology and mechanical vehicle.

You can find the price unless you contact them personally. The price is being hidden on their official site, and only serious buyers will be given the quote.

[Product Page via The Cool Gadgets, ChipChick]

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