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Steampunk Steam Pipe Audio Speakers

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Check out these steampunk style audio speakers built from a PVC pipe. Apparently, the PVC pipes were brushed or painted with chrome color, turning the PVC pipe into a rusty piece of steel pipe (which is the Steampunk’s favorite) with each end of the hole being covered and screwed with 3-inch magnesium/aluminum alloy full range main driver and one 20mm textile dome tweeter.



This Steampunk Steam Pipe Audio Speaker is created by Ikyaudio, a creative audio equipment merchant at Etsy. Well, as usual, Etsy is the nest of creative souls who’s capable of transforming trashes into treasures. This Steampunk Steam Pipe Audio Speaker is no exception. I’m not sure though how is the sound quality when you plug it to your audio player, but costing at $279 a pop, I believe the creator is using high-end drivers and tweeters that could promise a “not too shabby” audio performance for steampunk fans.

[via Etsy]
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