‘The AUDIO System’ by Earlyadopters


You might never heard about Earlyadopters, a company from Korea who create bunch of cool gadgets. Their recent invention is ‘The AUDIO system’, a concept that looks like a strange TV antenna with three bars of irons with different length on each side. According to EarlyAdopter, this AUDIO System concept is an MP3 player, an FM/AM Tuner and a DMB/DAB tuner combo. Depending on which mode to stay, the three bars will have different functions.


As for MP3 Player, the AUDIO system supports 32GB SDHC memory card playback and it has 3.5mm stereo jack for connecting your media player to the back. This concept looks interesting although it has a weird design. The bars might say in the way if you don’t have a spacious area to place this AUDIO system, but it might have some kind of minimalistic design that is suitable for modern house.

[Product Page via Technabob]

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