Save $110 on Xerox 100 Travel Scanner XTRAVEL-SCAN

NewEgg has a great deal for you who are looking for a good portable scanner. You can save up to $110 on their Xerox 100 Travel Scanner XTRAVEL-SCAN using their combination of MIR (mail-in Rebate – value $50), Coupon Code (value $20) and Instant saving (value $40). If you want one, you should be hurry because the expired date is on March 10th, 2010. If you have nothing to rebate, you can still save $60 using their instant saving + coupon code. Here is the coupon code:

  • Coupon Code: XERSCAN2C

The original value is $199.99, after discount + MIR + instant saving, you can get Xerox Travel Scanner for $89.99 only.

Xerox Travel Scanner Description:

Why try and carry half your office with you when the answer is right here? Ultimate portability, unbeatable precision, and reliability make up the Xerox Travel scanner. Designed for the person on the go, this diminutive scanner offers the best features of a full-sized scanner with the convenience and portability of a laptop model.

Get perfect images from even the most imperfect documents with the Travel-Scan’s Kofax VRS technology. Scan receipts, business cards, and paper documents directly into easy search PDF files with just one touch. All documents and images can be easily manipulated using auto-crop, auto-straighten, and auto-brightness features making this little machine an invaluable piece of equipment.

The Xerox Travel Scanner offers unparalleled convenience for any busy professional who needs to travel light. This unit derives power via the USB and doesn’t require an alternative power source. Perfect for the mobile professional, this portable scanner will help you keep your documents organized and under control wile you are on the go.

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