The True Hardware Encrypted USB Drive

the-true-hardware-encyrpted-usb-driveOften when we want to have a good and secure USB Flash drive, we will find those with both software and ‘hardware’ encryption features. As you’ve known, hardware encryption means there is some kind of ‘lock’ that will lock down your USB flash drive to be accessible without your permission and password.

IronKey flash drive is the very nice example of this flash drive. However, if you are going to use a ‘very dummy and native language’ to talk about a true Hardware encryption, you will get this amazingly simple but effective ‘hardware encrypted’ flash drive using the conventional steel lock to prevent the USB head to be plugged into the port. Brilliant.

The only downside right now is the locked-shaped USB Flash drive is a concept design by dialog05. No idea when we can actually find one and the pricing is unknown. Perhaps Etsy seller might want to grab this idea and turn it into a real merchandise. :)

[via GadgetHer]

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