UFO-Style OO Wireless Projector by David Riesenberg

UFO planes have inspired a lot of designers to make their product concept similar to its shape. I have no idea if this OO is also inspired by the extraterrestrial objects, but David Riesenberg has done a supreme job designing a sleek, glossy and compact size of a wireless projector that could operate independently from any wire for up to 3 hours using its internal Li-Ion battery.


OO, such a short name might have a great impact on customer’s mind because it’s so easy to remember. According to David Riesenberg, his UFO-shaped Wireless Projector concept is not only compact, it is also capable of displaying HD content at 1080p resolution, and it will have its own internal SSD storage to store the presentation/media files for playback.




With the combination of WIFI and internal storage, the OO can act as both an extender/duplicator of an external display or as a wireless media projector/streamer with built in decoding capabilities. The three independently articulated legs allow the OO to be tilted for optimal positioning. Full interaction with the projector is done via the touch screen remote but the projector can be operated without it in extender/duplicator mode after pre configuration.

OO Wireless Projector is going to use semi monocoque carbon fiber structure as the frame and body protection, resulting in a sturdy construction but lightweight to carry around.

However, the size is not really that portable (in comparison to Pico projector), which mean you still have to carry a dedicated bag to store this OO wireless projector when trying to move it from place to place. Pico projector can be stuffed together with your laptop bag, but until today, no Pico projector can display HD content yet.

Well, each hardware has it own advantages and disadvantages. Although this OO wireless projector is still in a concept stage, I believe when it has become available, it will blast the competition.

View the video demonstration of OO Wireless Projector Concept:

[OO Wireless Projector Concept via 2DayBlog]

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