iSpoon and iFork iPhone Stand


iSpoon? iFork? Is this some kind of new Apple gadget or accessories? well, yes it is. But iSpoon and iFork is not produced from the Apple’s factory. It’s produced by a clever minded people from Etsy, where the creator is using spoons and bent forks to create a unequaled iPhone Stand!



Well, who have thought that our spoons and forks can be made as an iPhone stand with just a little workout in our little brain? :)

Basically there are two model, the iSpoon with the spoon as the face of the character, and the fork version with fork as the face of the cute little stainless steel figure.


Silverware iPhone/iPod Stand – Fork Head

An idea that needed to happen. A companion on your bedside table, desk, table, counter, or wherever you store and charge your cell phone. This silverware dude is fitted to hold an iPhone, but can also hold various phones, iPods, music players, and all sorts of handheld tech gear. If you would like it to fit a special, just let me know some measurements, and I’ll make it work. Thanks for checking out my little store. Feel free to tell me what you think of my art. :)

Due to increased demand I’m making these guys as fast as I can. Do let me know if there are any bulk orders, and I will accommodate.

If you love to get one, you can get it at Etsy for $30 a pop. For safety and protection, I will suggest you to get a screen protector for your iPhone (just in case the fork is bent improperly).

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