Lamponi Scooter Lamps by Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi


Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi, an Italian designer has come up with an interesting lamps using repurposed Vespa and Lambretta headlights and handlebars. The classic looking of the motorbike parts might give the retro-lover an extra treat. Well, IT IS designed for retro scooter lover, where they can still have something cool out of the immobilized classic scooter.

Over at FormatMag, you can see the gallery of 4 color selections on Lamponi Scooter Lamps. Dark blue, Cyan, Red, and Yellow. All of them looks very classic and worth to get into the museum :)

There is no question about these, whether you’re a fan of the classic Italian scooters or not, the Lamponi lamps rock. Add some vintage charm to your home office or living room with one these vibrant retro lamps.

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