Lian Li PC-T1R Spider Case – The Four Legs PC Case

Lian Li PC Chassis manufacturer from China has just released an strange looking of PC Case dubbed ad Lian Li PC-T1R Spider Case. Since it’s known as the Spider case, this PC-T1R has legs to stand and a body design that looks like a spider.


Weird though, Lian Li PC-T1R has only 4 legs as the support of the body, where usually a spider should have 6 to 8 legs in total. Perhaps there is some kind of cost-reduction policy to save money on the extra legs with no functionality at all (as decoration only). Lian Li PC-T1R spider case is a microATX form factor, where it can hold up an mATX motherboard only.



Judging from the image, Lian Li PC-T1R spider case is an aluminum case that offer no protection to the motherboard. When installed properly, the motherboard is looking like the head of the spider with one eye (the CPU headsink). When going down behind the motherboard, you will get a space to store hard drive, optical drive or other small components as the body, while the PSU as the bottom of the spider.

There is no release date yet for Lian Li PC-T1R but it has the pricing of €150 around $204 when released.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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