Samsung E60 eBook Reader

I wonder if Samsung has spotted a gold mine in the e-Reader market because recently they’ve also stepped into the ebook reader market using their newly launched E60 e-Reader.


The Samsung E60 e-reader is made after Samsung teamed up with Barnes & Noble, the one who created the cool e-book reader Nook with a colorful book browser.


Samsung E60 ebook reader, although it has no colorful display, it has a clear text display using E-ink technology to display your ebook content inside the 6-inch display. E60 also features built-in Wi-Fi and bluetooth technology to connect to your local network or bluetooth device. You can store your ebook inside the built-in 2GB internal memory, and as a bonus, Samsung E60 eReader has a built-in text-to-speech capability and MP3 player.

Samsung E60 ebook reader will be launched with the price tag of $299 a pop.

[via Engadget]

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  • Andrblum

    It is a good device for simply reading e-Books like novels. It is only usable for reading simple PDF-Dokuments. For more complicated ones ist is not usable because changing the zoom factor is need to much steps in the menue. It is not usable as device for reading technical dokuments. The bookmarks and notes are not very usable, because you can give them names and the notes can only contain handwritten “images”. Samsung’s support is almost inexistent incapable. If you have a problem, you will get no help! The WLAN can only be used to download books. Take attention. I bought my E60 on hollidays in Italy. I could change the interfaces language to English, but the dictionary is only in Italian and a can only buy Italian books. I get no answer from Samsung how to change this.

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