USB Dodobongo: Cute Desktop USB WatchDog


Most of us keep trying to make our workspace because fun and cheerful. That’s why there are so many gadgets intended to use on the work desk, such as the cute Chubby QQ Penguin USB Hub, USB Duckling Fan, or The BUTT Station organizer. Now here is another one that might give you a little fun, and at the same time, it could be your very personal desktop watchdog!


The USB Dodobongo, when you plug in to your USB port on your laptop or desktop, it will barks when someone get near to its sight. It will run his little feet, or shake his head like an innocence dog. USB Dodobongo dog is suitable to be placed on your work desk when you are away to get some coffee. It can be your watchdog to keep naughty workmate from getting close to your PC.

USB Dodobongo dog is available at GeekStuff4U for the equivalent price of $75.

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