VibeHolic: A New Concept of Portable Vibration Speaker System

VibeHolic Portable Vibration Speaker System

Over at CeBIT 2010, AVING has spotted a new concept of vibration speaker system called ‘VibeHolic‘. Generally, VibeHolic is similar with I-MU Vibro Speaker or K-Box, where it needs some kind of medium to ‘stick on’ before you can hear any sounds.

Vibeholic, which is known as the new concept of a portable vibration speaker system has attracted the visitors in the CeBIT 2010, says AVING in their special report because it is an interesting speaker that could turn any object with flat surface into a speaker. This includes paper box, wood, postcard, books, bags, glass, etc. Almost anything that could listen to the vibration and giving feedback will become a good medium. The harder the surface, the louder the music will be.

VibeHolic Vibrabtion Speaker System on Tube

VibeHolic Portable Vibration Speaker System on Paper Box

VibeHolic Portable Vibration Speaker System on Different Objects

There is no news yet when this VibeHolic will be available, but because if the real product has been produced and demonstrated, sooner or later it will hit the store.

UPDATE: My fellow readers! This amazing VibeHolic portable vibration speaker system has become available! You can check it out at VibeHolic for more detail. the vibration speaker will cost your US$49.90, or about GBP30.90 for UK. [Thanks, Ron!]

[AVING via TechChee]

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  • Hi,

    Actually, VibeHolic is already available, either directly from or from one of our resellers.

    Right now, we are building the reseller and distributor network so it will take some time before it is in the shops througout Europe (and beyond)

    Best regards,
    Motiv Marketing GmbH

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks for your update about the Vibeholic. That’s really nice and our readers might consider having one of this Vibeholic new generation vibration speaker system. :)


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