LEGO Radio Alarm Clock Has Huge LEGO Buttons

LEGO Radio Alarm ClockLEGO system is one of my favorite childhood toy and I still manage to keep some of them and even buy a new one although I’m an adult now. It is just a great stuff for all age, as long as you have the passion in it.

LEGO, in the gadget-world, has been mixed and transformed like crazy into something else usable beside treating it as a toy. We have a lot of LEGO entries here at HardwareSphere, and we just can’t have enough of them. :)

Recently, we have found another one that looks pretty cool and useful to kick our butt out from the bed in the morning. In the form of a Big size of LEGO block, this Radio Alarm Clock might be one of your interest if you are a LEGO die-hard fans. It still has its playful style attached, a big knobs of ‘LEGO’ and some small buttons (with LEGO trademark) for adjusting the mode and features.

Mains or battery powered, the Lego Radio Alarm Clock is rammed with handy features: as well as an AM/FM radio it boasts an adjustable backlit display, 12/24 hour clock and an alarm function that wakes you up via buzzer or your fave radio station.

LEGO Radio Alarm Clock - Top View

It may looks like a big alarm clock, but it is actually measuring at 24.2(W) x 16.6(H) x 12(D) cm only. Well, if you are interested, you can find it selling for £24.99 (about $37 USD) at


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